1. Blog post 4: Central Park, Fifth Avenue, and The Plaza all located in the same spot? Way too perfect for a nice fall day. If you wanted to stay at the hotel it is a bit pricey but if you have the opportunity definitely take advantage. Otherwise taking a walk around the park, a horse and carriage ride, or fifth avenue shopping spree would be the perfect idea. 

  2. Blog post 3: If you have a sweet tooth Baked by Melissa will hit the spot. They are located all around NYC and are so convienent if you need to pick up something quick, they are so worth it. Where ever you plan to reside in NYC, Baked by Melissa is so conveniently located all around the big apple so you should always be just a few feet away from heaven!

  3. Best nightclubs in NYC?

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  4. Best shopping in NYC?

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  5. What is the best area to live in NYC?

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  6. Some side notes…

    Before I get to the heart of my research question, which is “what is the best areas to live in NYC.” I will be posting a lot of reasons why I finally choose the answer to my question, such as food, nightlife, shopping, etc. 

  7. I researched a little bit of shopping for my second research post. Shopping on fifth ave is always fun but quite busy and filled with tourists. Take a walk to Bloomingdale’s 59th street. The store is huge, much bigger than the SoHo one. They have almost everything imaginable including restaurants inside. Being close to good shopping is always convenient and a smart idea. 

  8. Nobu, TriBeCa NYC


  9. First source

    Going to school in Manhattan gives me the opportunity to soak in what’s around me. For my first source my research consisted of taking a stroll in TriBeCa to see what all the excitement was about. The area is fun and artsy. I ate dinner at Nobu, which is one of the top restaurants in the area. This is one of the areas in NYC that I will be researching to find out if I think it makes my list, of being one of the “best areas to live in NYC.”